About Us

About Us

We Are Leading International Company In The World

A company that has been registered and licensed in the Arab Republic of Egypt by the Ministry of Investment. It has also been registered with the Director General for Beginners and Athletes, the European Commission, and the Erasmus Grant No. (E10307188).
Thus, it is an institution of human cadres with scientific specializations and high technical expertise in its locations, as the institution sets its sights on progress and trainees by informing them of the latest possible developments in their programs and the training framework, including contact with real-life experiences.
Rowad Al-Hayat Education and Information Technology Company works to build success and progress by building people and institutions in a way that qualifies individuals and institutions to possess the elements of success and excellence and verify the ability to do this for them.

Pioneers of Life also has a wealth of professional relationships within its international scope of work, enabling it to internationally market projects, events and programmes. Relying on its team of experts and specialists in all training, institutional development and consulting needs.
Rowad Al-Hayat Education and Information Technology Company also provides unique quality services according to clear quality standards, making Rowad Al-Hayat customers enjoy unique and distinctive services that achieve their goals in building leadership and professional competencies for individuals and institutions.


Our vision is for you...to be a successful project through the correct guidance and guidance with our expertise to exploit your potential and that of others in an intelligent way to reach the dream you aspire to... Our vision is to help you turn your goals into successful reality on the ground.

Our message

Providing specialized, high-quality legal services to clients, and meeting their needs and aspirations in the field of commercial law.

Our goals

Achieving customer satisfaction by providing innovative and effective legal solutions, fulfilling our legal and ethical obligations, developing our professional capabilities and skills, and achieving sustainable success for the company.


Rowad Al Hayat Business Services Company’s values ​​are its commitment to integrity and transparency in work, respect for the rights of customers and employees, innovation and continuous development, cooperation and a strong team, and social responsibility. These values ​​are considered the basis for achieving the company's goals and providing distinguished services to customers.


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Our company has more than 10 years of experience in its field. During this period, the company was able to build a strong and reliable reputation in the business market. This extensive experience is considered one of the most important factors that distinguish the company from its competitors, as it has been able to develop effective strategies and innovative solutions to uniquely meet the needs of its customers. The company also works to continuously improve and develop its services, by following the latest developments in the field of business and employing the best practices and technologies. 

We Follow Best Practices

At Rowad Alhayah, we believe that following best practices is essential to our success. Best practices are the most efficient and effective ways of doing things, and they are based on the collective experience of the best businesses in our industry.


About Founders

We Are Leading International Company In The World
Mr. Ambassador: Imad El-Din Mahmoud Fayez

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State

Dr: Muhammad Sayed




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Dr. Karim

Director of Technical Administration

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Mr.Abdul Azim Ayman


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Mr.Mohamed Abdelrahman

Director of Technical Administration

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